VIDEO: Driving While Texting = “Distracted Driving” – Violators Will Be Cited


Guam – DPW’s Highway Safety office has put together a Distracted Driving Awareness Exhibit at the Agana Shopping Center to remind drivers about the dangers of trying to do something other than driving, when your behind the wheel.

Program Coordinator Ann Senato said “What we have here is an outreach to help them learn about what distractive driving is all about such as putting on make up, eating, talking and stuff like that.”

And Highway Safety Coordinator Cil Javier said, “With distractive driving, this whole month here is really about educating and enforcing the law. Just to let the public know we’ll have law enforcement out there like GPD and airport police. Whoever they catch on the road using their cellphones will be given a citation. Save a life because it could be yours.”

The exhibit also featured the right way of installing child safety seats, a video presentation and taking a pledge of highway safety. 

In celebration of National Distracted Driving Awareness Month, DPW’s Office of Highway Safety is also planning to visit high schools to enlighten students about the importance of highway safety.