VIDEO: Eight Guam Manamko Recognized at Centenarian Celebration


Guam – Eight of Guam’s eldest manamkos were recognized this morning in a special Centenarian Recognition Celebration at the St. Dominic’s Senior Care Home.

The Division of Senior Citizens, DPHSS, the 2014 Senior Citizens Month Central Planning Committee and the St. Dominic’s Senior Care Home hosted the event where the manamkos were given blessings, floral presentations, Congressional Certificates, a Legislative Resolution and were even given birthday presents. 

Governor Eddie Calvo said, “When we reflect and we celebrate the lives of these very special ladies. It’s for us younger generation to take for that a lesson and we listen to their life stories. You get to experience the past from their experiences. We have to recognize that in this years of experience, our world has changed. They have gone through good times.”

The Governor added that we should reflect on the lives of the centenarians and we should demand to see a better Guam for ourselves and our children.