VIDEO: Father Duenas Marks Its 65th Anniversary With a Special Ceremony at the Phoenix Center


Guam – Father Duenas Memorial School is celebrating 65 years since it first opened its doors.

A special ceremony was held at the F.D. Phoenix Center Tuesday morning where nearly 600 alumni, students and guests attended. The classes of 1950 through 1955 were also honored with a special certificate of recognition for being the pioneer alumni of the Mangilao campus. 

As the principal of the all-male Catholic high school, Father Jeff San Nicolas says it’s important for them to recognize the alumni that experienced the very first day at F.D. so they can be in touch with their history. He mentions it’s an exciting time to see them prepare for the future with their capital improvement projects, while honoring their past.

“Of course that is part of our growth, but today, we wanted to pay particularly attention to our alumni and really focus this day on them and thanking them for giving us those roots,” said San Nicolas.

The school has already begun its Renaissance Project to construct a new chapel, a sports stadium and other features to revitalize the campus.

A lunch reception was held after the opening day ceremony ended.