VIDEO: Federal Employees Back to Work & National Parks Are Open


Guam – The shutdown is over and the federal government is back to work. This includes Guam’s National Parks which are now all open once again.

National Park Service Acting Superintendent Ron Borne says all 21 of his employees are back to work and the National Parks on Guam have been open since Saturday. Employees actually got back to work Friday afternoon once typhoon Francisco began to leave our area.

On Friday they spent most of the day doing some ad ministerial work and then by Saturday the parks were reopened.



“They’re all open now we ask our visitors to understand we do have some storm debris that’s still out there and with the weather also the grass has been wet and soggy so we haven’t been able to get our large lawn mowers out there to cut the grass so we’re doing it with our smaller ones for now so it may take us a week or ten days to get the parks back to the shape they were in before the lapse,” said Borne.

Borne says that all of his employees who were furloughed will also be receiving back pay for the days they were out of work. Navy public affairs officer Lt. Matt Knight tells PNC that all Navy and Airforce employees returned to work on Friday of last week.