VIDEO: Federal Officials, Guam Leaders Will Hold a Round Table Friday to Address Inequalities in Accessing Federal Programs


Guam – More than 100 federal officials and Guam leaders will gather for a round table to address disparities and inequalities in accessing federal programs.

The White House Initiative on Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders will be having their Guam Regional Conference Roundtable giving local leaders an opportunity to engage with federal representatives on important issues affecting our island such as health care, education, economic development, and housing. 

WHIAAPI Executive Director Kiran Ahuja said, “What we do hope is that we’re bringing folks together, we’re establishing that strong relationship. We’re setting the foundation for the work we want to do when we return back in Washington. A lot of the issues and recommendations that come from this event will go back to the agencies and will get incorporated into their strategic plans that they’ve put together as a requirement under the executive order of how they’re going to increase access and participation of the broader Asian American Pacific Islander community in the federal goverment.” 

The roundtable will take place on Friday at the Guam Community College. For more information about WHIAAPI, visit