VIDEO: Financial Report Deadline for Public Officials – 8 Declare Assets in Excess of $1-Million


Guam – Today was the last day for public officials to file their financial reports and conflict of interest statements. Although there are still quite a few who have yet to file and some who have filed for extensions today we took a look at those who have filed to see who are some of the biggest money makers.

There are 366 public officials who must file financial reports with the Guam Election Commission every year. 250 of them are board members. As of this afternoon there were still 133 people who had yet to file and 20 who filed for extensions We took a look at those who did file and compiled a list of those whose estimated total assets were over a million dollars.

 GCC President Mary Okada tops our list at $2,733,372. GHC General Manager Martin Benevente had the second highest estimated total assets with $2,408,800. Public Auditor Doris Flores Brooks listed her estimated total assets at $2,302,688. Public Health Director James Gilan listed his total assets at $2,168,771. Then at over a million dollars was Commission on Decolonization Executive Director Edward Alvarez with $1,933,200 followed by Rev&Tax Director John Camacho at $1,368,884.

 UOG President Robert Underwood at $1,085,000 and Office of Veterans affairs Director John Unpingco at $1,022,00. These were the only 8 public officials who listed their total estimated assets at a million dollars or over. Again, this list only reflects those who have filed as of today.

 GEC Executive Director Maria Pangelinan explains that not all public officials need to file full financial disclosure statements. “The simple conflict of interest statement is for boards and commissions. The full financial disclosure is for elected officials and those public servants that can on their sole authority can procure or contract the government of Guam directors,” said Pangelinan.

 In addition to financial disclosure statements anyone who is running for office needs to file an organizational report after they’ve received or spent $250 dollars on their campaign. As for those who haven’t filed financial disclosure reports. “If you don’t file your name gets published in the news paper for those that didn’t file and eventually it can be sent to the Attorney General for further action,” said Pangelinan.

 Pangelinan says that as of the close of business today 84 officials had yet to file their financial reports. She says that in a few days she will place the names of those who still haven’t filed in the news paper. Ultimately it will be up to the GEC board to decide whether or not names get forwarded to the A.G.’s office.