VIDEO: Fital Arrest Warrant Still Active

Saipan – The arrest warrant issued against former governor Benigno R. Fitial is still active, according to the Office of the Public Auditor.

OPA Legal counsel George L. Hasselback said his office is still continuing with efforts to try to serve the warrant to Fitial, who resigned in February 2013 a few days after being impeached by the House of Representatives.

He said he has no information on the current whereabouts of the former governor.

Superior Court Associate Judge David A. Wiseman reissued the arrest warrant on June 20, 2013, following Hasselback’s renewed request.

It was reported in May 2013 that Fitial was at that time recuperating from gall bladder surgery in the Philippines.

OPA has filed seven criminal charges against Fitial for his role in an alleged conspiracy to shield former attorney general Edward T. Buckingham from being served with a penal summons in August last year.