VIDEO: Forager Fury- Projecting and Sustaining Combat Power, at a Distance


Guam – Forager Fury II has been in full swing for more than a week now.

900 marines are on Guam. and 300 more are on Tinian.

They’re from Marine Aircraft Group [MAG] 12, based out of Iwakuni Japan.

You’ve heard the noise, and seen their jets overhead. Thursday, the Marines invited the local media up to Andersen Air Force Base to talk about their mission.

MAG 12’s Lieutenant Colonel Bill Sheridan explained that Forager Fury II is about assessing the Marines ability to project and sustain combat power in a remote location.

Planning for this massive military exercise began 6 months ago. And Lt. Col. Sheridan said it could not have happened without the help and co-operation of local officials, and residents here on Guam, and in Tinian.

Sheridan also pointed out that the name of this exercise, “Forager Fury II”,  pays homage to the original  “Forager Fury”, which was the name given to the Marine’s invasions of  Guam and Tinian during World War II.