VIDEO: Former Guam State Clearing House Administrator Surfaces With Missing Files


Guam – Vice-Speaker BJ Cruz says that the concerns over the deleted files at the Guam State Clearing House are misplaced because he says the files can be found online. However former Clearing House Administrator Roland Villaverde says that the website is incomplete.

 “It’s feigned they made it up and I’m hoping it wasn’t done to try and embarrass the former Lt. Governor because if anybody had ever applied for a grant in the last five years or at least the last four years since Lt. Governor Cruz came in all they would have to do is go to their computer and type in Guam Clearing House dot com or Guam Clearing House they wouldn’t even have to type in dot com just Guam Clearing House,” said Vice-Speaker B.J. Cruz.

The senator says this website contains a complete repository of every grant that the Guam State Clearing House has handled since Mike Cruz was Lt. Governor, but according to former Guam State Clearing House Administrator Roland Villaverde this isn’t entirely true. “The website has been updated up to April of 2010 and there are several months that are not on it only because of difficulties that we’ve had with our i.p provider in order to facilitate the large file sizes that are required to be uploaded on that site.” said Villaverde.

PNC asked, “So the website’s incomplete?” Villaverde responded saying, “It’s not complete because of that challenge, correct.”

 Villaverde says that there have been grants applied for since April and none of those grants have experienced any delays. In fact today Villaverde has been working with the new employees of the Guam State Clearing House to get all of the deleted or missing files they need to do their job. So what happened to the files in the first place? Villaverde said, “It was a policy that the computers up in Adelup be cleared.” PNC asked, “You said that the policy is that the computers in Adelup be cleaned basically, can you explain that further?” Villaverde explained saying, “Well we had been told that the computers up in Adelup be cleaned basically if you will I think that’s a better word for it.”

 Villaverde says during this “cleaning” phase they were taking all files off of their computers and backing them up on his personally owned storage device. He is now in the process of providing those files from his back up hard drive to the Guam state clearing house to “complete the transition phase.”

 However, Vice-Speaker Cruz says that the new employees of the Guam State Clearing House should’ve known about the website as it is a starting point for recovering data and one that can at least allow them to track all grants from April of 2010 back to when the Lt. Governor Mike Cruz took office.