VIDEO: Former Principal Asks GEB to Reject Superintendent’s Memo on Merit Bonuses


Guam – A former Department of Education principal is asking the Guam Education board to reject a memorandum signed by Superintendent Jon Fernandez that determines eligibility of merit bonus payments.

The former school principal, Lourdes San Nicolas, spoke at last night’s education board meeting pointing to an April 23 memorandum in which Fernandez announced that only some employees who were deemed eligible for merit bonuses within the last three years will be paid.

San Nicolas disagreed with this memorandum, noting that she has tried to communicate this with the Superintendent, but he says DOE is bound by law to set the statute of limitations on merit bonus payments.

“Our communication attempts to discuss our concerns with the superintendent have been without a success. On the contrary, our attempts to meet with those knowledgeable about this issue outside of the Department of Education were met with great successes,” says San Nicolas. “We are here tonight to respectfully request the Guam Education Board to reject the procedures for determining eligibility on payment for merit bonus pay as outlined in the superintendent’s memo dated april 23rd 2013.”

Fernandez, however, says: “We have reviewed the laws and I will say that for the record that the merit bonus statute is not an easy one to simply implement so we’ve taken all those factors into consideration. As I said earlier, we pursued the 3 year statute of limitations because of a legal liability and that would end up being reflected on our books and anything beyond that we would need to review on a policy basis.”

Fernandez says that the first round of bonuses should be expected in the next pay period.