VIDEO: FQ Sanchez Elementary School Turned Over to Umatac Mayor


Guam- The former FQ Sanchez Elementary School campus is now officially with the Umatac Mayor’s Office.

The building was previously under the jurisdiction of the Department of Parks and Recreation when it was forced to shut down in 2011. However, the mayor’s office staff took over the maintenance of the area.

Umatac Mayor Johnny Quinata says the governor signed off on the paperwork to give the former school back to his village and a small ceremony was held this afternoon [Thursday] to mark the change. He mentions he’s excited for the possibilities, but wants to meet with his residents on what to do next with the facility.

We’re going to have a mass meeting where the people of Umatac can decide what the school is for,” said Quinata. “I cannot make the opinion myself. I need to get the people involved so that nobody will [say] bad things about me when they’re involved in the meeting. We want to work together.”

Quinata says he would like to see the facility open again as a school, but knows money is an issue. In the meantime, his office and staff will move into the former campus. He is also working with the Humatak Community Foundation to obtain a grant to replace the copper wiring that was stolen.