VIDEO: Fresh Guam Produce Back on Market Shelves after Local Farmers Recover From October Rains


Guam – Guam farmers are making a quick recovery from the crop losses they suffered during last October’s torrential rains.

Produce Manager Tom Rhodes of Pay-Less Supermarkets says local produce on island is back to 100%. That means residents can expect local produce such as cherry tomatoes, papayas, cucumbers and eggplants out in the market. 

Rhodes said, “Local produce on Guam is back to 100%.The farmers took a pretty big hit in the last rainstorm that we had. The rain obviously wasn’t good for the crops. These guys work real hard. A lot of them this is all they do. That’s how they support themselves. So it’s very important for our community to support them.”

Local produce can be purchased at grocery stores such as Pay-Less Supermarkets and Cost-U-Less as well as farmers’ markets or roadside stands.