VIDEO: Garrido Accused of Assaulting Woman in Her Chalan Pago Home During His Brief Escape


Guam – (Monday, November 4) –  On the loose for less than an hour and a half, murder suspect Keith Jermane Garrido is now accused of assaulting a Chalan Pago woman during his brief escape Monday morning. The woman was in the intensive care unit at Naval Hospital Monday evening.

Garrido was taken back into custody less than an hour-and-a-half after he jumped out of a DOC transport vehicle that was taking him and other detainees to Superior Court.

DOC Spokesman Jeff Limo told PNC he does not know how Garrido was able to get out of his handcuffs and then the vehicle at about 8:15am. The vehicle was stopped at the Route 4/Maimai road traffic light in Chalan Pago. He was being taken to his trial setting at Superior Court for the murder of 63 year old Nancy Mafnas who was killed in her Barrigada home in December of last year.

Garrido is now facing additional charges of Attempted Murder, Aggravated Assault,  Burglary, Robbery, Attempted Theft of a Motor Vehicle, Theft of Property, Felonious Restraint, Possession of a Deadly Weapon in the Commission of a Felony.

“Keith Garrido was hand cuffed today, was able to break out of the handcuff and make it out of the transport vehicle,” Limo told PNC. We have to also look at the vehicle does it have the safety guards.

Guam Police Spokesman Officer AJ Balajadia says officers were able to apprehend Garrido at about 9:30am after receiving a call from someone who spotted him along Route 4.

Witness Diane Strong told PNC that she saw a woman, wearing only panties and covered by a rainjacket, being taken to a police vehicle in the same area and at the time Garrdio was apprehended.

Officer Balajadia confirms that a woman was reported injured in the area but he could not say how she was hurt.

“The ambulance was here because of that female,” Balajadia told PNC.

Garrido was wearing an orange custody t-shirt at the time he left DOC this morning but when police apprehended him, he had a black t-shirt on. Officer Limo says preliminary investigations reveal that Garrido got the t-shirt from a clothing line outside a residence.

DOC will be conducting an investigation to determine how Garrido was able to escape and Limo says transport policies may be revisited.

“In any given time the court transport officers are transporting about 20 to 25 detainees and inmates both to Superior Court and again thats one of the areas of discussion with the director later this afternoon and perhaps maybe changing some of that,” Limo explained. “There is no excuse as to how he got away thats gonna be looked in in my office.”