VIDEO: GBB & GWA Dismiss GRRP Allegations


 Guam- The Guam Resource Recovery Partners (GRRP) are calling on the U.S. Justice Department to investigate their claims that the management of the Layon Landfill has resulted in what they say are “apparent violations of the federal Clean Water Act.”


Late this afternoon, Guam EPA Spokesperson Tammy Jo Anderson Taft  issued a response to GRRP’s  allegations into leachate being illegally discharged.

Read Taft’s statement below:

Guam EPA continues to be an active part of the regulatory aspect of the Layon Landfill. The Agency participates in conference calls, inspections and regular meetings regarding the operations of the Layon Landfill and the continued work outlined in the Consent Decree.

– Guam EPA did not conduct a dye trace study. GWA conducted a study with oversight and input from Guam EPA.

– Guam EPA is not certain at this time if GWA’s Inarajan Wastewater Treatment Plant discharged into the ocean however the Agency will look into the claim further.

– We encourage anyone with questions or concerns about operations at the Layon landfill and the permits regulating those operations to contact our office at 475-1658/59. Guam EPA is more than willing to meet with anyone about this issue to ensure they have a complete understanding of the facts.