VIDEO: GEPA Board Rules in Favor of $63K Fine for Illegal Dumping


Guam – The Guam Environmental Protection Agency board has agreed to impose a fine of $63,000 on Yona resident Manny Camacho for illegal dumping.

The board unanimously voted to adopt the Guam EPA’s proposed order Thursday night. According to GEPA Administrator Eric Palacios, once the paperwork is completed, Camacho will then be served with the order to pay the penalty and begin the cleanup process.

Palacios says he’s pleased with the board’s decision because it now allows the agency to work closely with Camacho to move forward.


“I’ve not spoken with him for some time now because as soon as he filed his appeal with my board that basically kicked me out of the equation and so now that the board has rendered a decision I can now communicate with him directly, unless he gets an attorney, to let him know that these are the steps I’d like to see happen, not just in the interest of the government but in his interest as well,” Palacios explains.

Palacios notes, however, that Camacho still has the option of filing an appeal with the Superior Court of Guam if he is not satisfied with the GEPA board’s decision.