VIDEO: GEPA Strives for Zero Waste for Guam and Pacific


Guam – International solid waste expert Eric Lombardi was today’s keynote speaker for the Guam Environmental Protection Agency’s Zero Waste Pacific Conference held at the Hilton.

The event, which continues tomorrow, is hosted by is intended to drive the region toward a future of zero waste. Zero waste is a vision for the future of having no waste through the effective use of solid waste management and recycling programs.

GEPA Administrator Eric Palacios says Guam is striving towards a zero waste goal.  While the zero waste concept takes time and a whole community approach, palacios believes the island can make the transition.

“If our recycling rate is any indication it will probably happen much sooner than whats indicated in the zero waste plan,” Palacios told PNC. “In two years since we started tracking our recycling rate we’vet from zero to 28% and so i think whats in the plan that indicates 37% is achievable in the first five years alone.”

Students from various schools are also participating and will present their vision for the future at the conference tomorrow.