VIDEO: GFD – Three Suspicious Fires Since May 9th, No Conclusions Yet on What Caused Them


Guam – There have been 3 suspicions fires since Friday May 9th, but Guam Fire Spokesman Lt. Ed Artero says they have not reached conclusions on the causes of the blazes yet, all of which remain under investigation.

The May 9th fire burned 15 store units at the Hafa Adai Exchange in Tamuning.  The Federal Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms is also investigating that blaze because it did more than $100-thousand dollars in damage. GFD Spokesman Lt. Ed Artero says they are waiting for the FBI to analyze charred samples taken from the fire scene.

The investigations into the other 2 fires also remain open.

Last week Monday,  May 19th, a portion of the ground floor of  the vacant New Marina Hotel in Hagatna was damaged by fire. And last Friday a fire at the old abandoned DCK office in Harmon damaged that 1 story building.

Lt. Artero pointed out that “abandoned buildings are kind of difficult because it still could have exposed wiring. We don’t know if power is still active to that building. The possibility of a fire starting accidentally are still there. However, we still can’t rule out the fact that some of these buildings people can gain access to and intentionally starting fire. That’s the purpose of the investigation is to see if it’s accidental or intentional.”

However, last Friday, Acting Guam Fire Spokesman Kevin Reilly said the blaze at the old dck office in Harmon was “deliberately set”.  He said that conclusion was reached because there were multiple ignition points, and there were no electrical connections into the building.

Anyone with information about any of the fires is asked to call Guam Crime Stoppers at 477-HELP.