VIDEO: GMH Employees Give Mixed Reaction to Potential Payless Paydays


Guam – Guam Memorial Hospital employees, who are at the brunt of the hospital’s payday problems, expressed confidence in the government’s ability to keep the hospital afloat, but some also voiced concerns about payless paydays.

“They will [run], they will, they have to, this is our only hospital,” says Gordon Mizusawa, Chief of Environmental Services.

Mizusawa says he’s not too concerned about the financial distress at the Guam Memorial Hospital. It is, after all, the island’s only civilian hospital, he says. In fact, he notes despite last week’s panic over scrambling to find money to pay GMH employees, Mizusawa looks to the brighter side. 

“The good thing about what happened recently is that it appears both the governor and the legislature are here to help us out,” he states. “I think what the public has to know is that all of the 950 employees will continue to provide excellence in care. Things are still upbeat. At times it gets disappointing but we gotta tread on. We gotta tread on and make it good for everyone.”

Others also expressed their confidence in the GMH administration and the elected leaders of Guam to pull through for the hospital.

“As Gordon said we’re always very concerned whenever we have financial issues but we’re also vvery confident in our leaders. We’re very lucky to have Mr. Ulrich and Mr. Verga. They’re working very closely, daily, hourly … Mr. verga’s conversing with the governor and the senators came down and personally heard what needed to be heard at our last board meeting. The leaders are on top of this,” says June Perez, GMHA liaison.

“I don’t think there should be any concern because it’s the only hospital right now and they’re gonna find money somewhere, somehow and we’re still gonna be in operation,” notes Ray Pablo from patient registration.

As an accountant, Aida Sumang did not hesitate when asked whether she’s worried about payless paydays.

“Somehow along the line we need to find money, we don’t want our nurses not to get paid we don’t want them to suffer. Everybody has their own bills to pay,” says Sumang.

However, some hospital employees still had reservations, especially in light of last week’s scare of no paychecks.

Maintenance Leader Marciano Catahay says he is worried about potential payless paydays. “Hopefully, the legistlature will give us a budget and stuff like that and so we can pay our personnel and our supplies.”

“I’m not really sure how the financial is going on in that hospital,” he adds.

There are still two government pay periods left in September before the fiscal year ends.