VIDEO: GMH Offers 50% Discount to Uninsured Patients Who Come in and Pay Their Bills


Guam – The Guam Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees unanimously voted to provide a 60 day payment discount program for uninsured self-pay patient bills.

During the 60 days the uninsured patient will receive a 50 percent discount for all patient bills paid in full during the discount period.

The payment discount program will begin on April 22 and end on June 24, 2013.  This discount program is one of the hospital’s initiatives to improve its collection of receivables.

Privately-insured patients who owe deductible and co-pay balances for hospital or physician services are not eligible for the program.

Any balances not paid via tax garnishment will be eligible for the 50 percent discount.

According to GMH Administrator/CEO Joseph P. Verga, “This program should be a win-win situation providing some relief to our uninsured patients and a much needed cash infusion to GMH”.