VIDEO: GOP Caucus Put a National Spotlight on Guam

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Guam – This past Saturday Massachusetts Governor and Presidential candidate Mitt Romney’s son Matt Romney spoke at Guam’s republican convention and afterwards the Guam Republican party voted to support Mitt Romney in his bid for the republican nomination for President.

This means Guam’s gop will send 9 delegates to the republican national convention in August who have pledged their support for romney.


“Biba Republican!, Biba!, Biba Republican!, Biba! Biba Republican! Biba!,” cheered the crowd. “I love your enthusiasm! That’s so great you guys are fantastic,” replied Matt Romney. U.S. presidential candidate Mitt Romney sent his son Matt Romney to Guam this weekend to try and garner support from Guam’s nine delegates to the Republican National Convention where the Republican party will pick their candidate for the U.S. presidential election.

“This is someone who knows how to roll up his sleeves and get the job done this is somebody who now as we look at our country we need somebody to turn this country around we need somebody to turn this economy around,” said Romney of his father adding, “There is nobody better suited no one who I trust more to go in and rescue our economy and to save our country and with that I ask your support and I thank you for being here. God Bless America.”

The trip to Guam apparently worked as Guam’s Republican Party voted to support Romney. Guam’s GOP convention is set up as a winner take all convention which means whichever candidate gets the majority of votes will get all of Guam’s nine delegates to pledge their support as well. This means that Guam’s nine delegates have pledged to vote for Romney when they attend the Republican National Convention in Tampa Bay Florida on August 27th through the 30th. Before Guam’s Republican party voted to support Romney Republican Governor Eddie Calvo announced that he would support Romney. “From my standpoint as a citizen and as a governor it was the Romney campaign that really made that effort from the very beginning I had met representatives from Governor Romney even in the National Governor’s Association,” said Governor Calvo. This meeting allowed him to set up a phone conversation with Governor Romney. Through this conversation and through a meeting with his son Matt Romney Governor Calvo shared some of the concerns that Guam has with it’s relations to the United States. “Whether it’s Compact Impact, EITC and some of the provisions of the Clean Water Act and the Jones Act these are issues that we’d like to address and we do believe will be addressed in a Romney administration,” said Governor Calvo

The Republican National Convention happens in Tampa Bay Florida from August 27th through the 30th. Governor Calvo will also be attending the convention.

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Clynt Ridgell
 Mar 9 (4 days ago)

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Guam – The island of Guam is receiving much national attention as it could once again play an important role in the U.S. presidential primary. As the Republican Primary gets ever more heated candidates like Rick Santorum are calling local Republican leaders and even Matt Romney the son of Republican frontrunner Mitt Romney will be speaking at Guam’s Republican convention tomorrow.


Residents of Guam who are U.S. citizens do not get to vote for president of the United States. During the primary however, when the respective political parties are selecting their candidates, Guam can and does participate. The Democratic and Republican parties in the U.S. select their presidential candidates through a national convention. At this convention each state and even the territories get to send delegates who get to vote for who they think should represent the party in the general election. Guam get’s 9 delegates and because the Republican primary is so close Republican candidates are reaching out to Guam. In fact former U.S. Senator and current Republican presidential candidate Rick Santorum made the rounds calling Guam Republicans and even giving an interview to k57’s Travis Coffman on the Big Show. “You have a unique opportunity here on the island of the guam to have an influence on who the next president or at least the Republican nominee for president of the United States is,” said Santorum.

Coffman asked Santorum his thoughts on the Guam military buildup and Santorum said that Guam would be the best place for the movement of marines. Coffman even asked Santorum about controversial statements he made about Guam while criticizing liberal federal judges. Essentially Santorum said that because 9th circuit court judges are protected by the constitution they could get rid of them by sending them to Guam saying,“Maybe we can create a court that puts them in Guam or something like that and keep their life appointments.”

Santorum apologized for these comments on the Big Show saying, “Well that was an attempt at humor that I can completely understand on the island of Guam that fell flat but the idea was let’s send them as far away from the mainland United States as possible and as far away from the mainland united states was Guam and so I wasn’t necessarily picking on Guam but just to show you how much damage these judges do,” adding “I wouldn’t wish that on the people of Guam so let me apologize I will never send those judges to Guam and let them wreak the havoc they are wreaking on the rest of the ninth circuit that they are wreaking on a daily basis.”

Guam has even attracted the attention of presidential frontrunner Mitt Romney who is sending his son Matt Romney to speak at tomorrow morning’s Republican convention. Republican vice-chairman Victor Cruz explains how the convention works. “There are 251 delegate votes and those 251 delegates are selected from the 19 district organizations meaning the 19 villages,” said Cruz. These 251 delegates will then vote to pick the nine delegates who will represent the Republican party of Guam at the Republican National Convention in Tampa Bay Florida during the last week of August. “Once we vote the 251 delegates vote for the president of their choice it’s winner take all so whoever the winner is that will be basically the Republican party of Guam’s choice to the National Republican Convention,” said Cruz.

It’s not yet clear which candidate Guam Republicans will support. In fact even though Santorum put a personal call into Republican Senator Frank Blas Jr. he too is uncommitted. “I told him I said I have to be honest with you here on Guam we’re still looking at all the different candidates and good luck to him and we’ll see where the votes go tomorrow,” said Blas. The Guam Republican Convention is tomorrow 3/10/12 at 8:30am in the Sheraton

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