VIDEO: GOP Questions McNinch Poll; Dems Happy With It


Guam – New polls shows that the Democratic party not only retaining the majority but getting a super majority in the upcoming November general election. Both polls were done by students of University of Guam professor Dr. Ron McNinch.

PNC spoke to both the Democratic party and the Republican party to see what they think of the polls.

 University of Guam professor Dr. Ron Mcninch has released two polls that both bode extremely well for the Democratic party of Guam. Both polls show the Democratic party actually gaining a super majority with a ten – five split.

 The first poll consisted of phone interviews with 202 registered voters conducted between September 15 and September 17. Participants were asked to answer yes or no on whether or not they think a particular candidate will be elected. It has a sample error of plus or minus 4% on the adjusted scale and plus or minus 7 percent on the normal scale. In this poll the top five were Democrats, Frank Aguon Jr., Dennis Rodriguez Jr., Tom Ada, Tina Muna Barnes, and Speaker Judi Won Pat.

 The second poll is called a convenience poll which means that students surveyed 328 registered voters who are known to them. It was conducted from September 17th to the 18th and was done to measure the effects of weekend discussions. The top five in this poll are Democrats Speaker Judi Won Pat, Dennis Rodriguez Jr., Frank Aguon Jr., Tom Ada, and Tina Muna Barnes.

 We asked Republican party chair Mike Benito what he thought about these polls. “I have to wonder about the scientific nature of this poll the sample size is pretty small I don’t even know how he did it it’s kind of funny though you know our team has been going out we’ve been canvassing we’ve been hitting the villages we hit Talofofo last night so we’ve hit over a thousand homes and that’s definitely not what we’ve been hearing out in the street,” said Benito. The Republican party chairman says that instead they’ve been receiving positive feedback saying that voters have told them that they want change in the legislature.

 Democratic party Executive Director Carlo Branch believes the polls are accurate. “It seems consistently out of UOG the Democrats in the legislature are capturing either a majority or super majority but we know that we have to continue to work hard. We need to work hard for three reasons number one we know that the Republican party will have more money than us going into the election number two we know that as numbers come up with Democrats being consistently ahead they will resort to negative and desperate tactics and number three we know that if we don’t win working families will lose,” said Branch.

 In his email to PNC Mcninch stresses that polls do not predict outcomes as they are snapshots seven weeks before the elections and a lot can change in seven weeks.