VIDEO: VOTE 2012 – Gov. Calvo Not Discouraged with Democrats Getting More Votes Than Republicans


Guam – Gov. Eddie Calvo got back from Republican National Convention in Tampa last week in time to vote in last Saturday’s primary. And today he spokoe with reporters about the outcome of the vote saying that while the Democratic Party had a strong showing, he’s not discouraged. In fact, he believes that the Republicans may just take back the majority in the Legislature.

“What I saw is indicative of how Guam politics and elections have been since I was a child. The Democrats always have a bigger turnout in primaries. That’s just the way it’s always been. That’s just the demographic. There are more Democrats in this island. But there have also been numerous elections where you have a Republican governors and Republican majorities,” explains Calvo.  

 Governor Calvo also observed other signs of the people of Guam showing their support for the GOP. For example, he notes that incumbents focused on getting tax refunds out to the people were strong front runners in the past election.

“I do take note that looking at results in both Republicans and the Democrat side, the voters were looking toward those candidates or those incumbents that fought for tax refunds; that fought for issues that are important to the people. I was happy to see that for some of the results that did come out, it showed that people are looking at the actions of our current incumbents as well as some of the statements that have been made by those that are interested in running for the Legislative office,” says Calvo.

As the titular head of the Republican Party, the governor also conveyed his support for both incumbents and the challengers. Gov. Calvo shares some of his experiences at the GOP convention and the similarities he observed between the Federal government and Guam.

The important thing [is] the statements. What are important issues being brought forward in the presidential election–some of thsese things are so similar to what we have in Guam. There’s an issue in the federal government where there’s been five continuous years of trillion dollar deficits,” Calvo says.

“I do believe from the results of the primary election we have many many viable candidates on the Republican side that I do believe have strong prospects for victory. And with that in mind I think we have a strong chance for a republican majority,” he adds.

Gov. Calvo says he’s looking forward to the General election where voters have the opportunity to cross over.