VIDEO: Governor & DPW Assess Damage From Heavy Rains & Flooding


Guam- Governor Eddie Calvo and his team were out visiting the southern villages today [Monday] to get an assessment of the damage and conditions left by the heavy rains and wind.


The governor caught up with Yona Mayor Ken Joe Ada and Department of Public Works (DPW) Deputy Director Jessie Palican this morning to walk through some areas of Pulantat that were impassable because of flooding. He also visited the flooded home of the Quinene family to find out how the government can help them. Owner Teresita Quinene explained to the governor that the drainage problems began in 2002 when neighboring property was back filled by private landowners, which blocked how the area naturally drains.

Palican tells PNC the governor is committed to finding a permanent solution to this flooding problem.

“First priority is get our engineers out here and assess what ways to divert the water,” said Palican. “Through government land or the land exchange. That’s another option. So once we do our research and we find out what is available, what options, then we want to work as close as possible with the mayor as well as the landowners so we can make this thing happen so that we can see a closure to this and the family don’t have to worry every time it rains.”

Palican says the governor and DPW have made it a priority to address the concerns of families that are suffering from this type of flooding.