VIDEO: Governor Acknowledges Differences With Babauta


Guam  – Governor Calvo Friday acknowledged he had his disagreements with former OIA Assistant Secretary Tony Babauta.

The Governor is mentioned in an IG report that is critical of Babauta’s performance.

He’s reported as saying that some of Babauta’s trips to Guam had the appearance of political campaigns.  And he also is said to have told the IG that decisions Babauta made sometimes had an adverse impact on Guam.

In particular, Governor Calvo said he took issue with Babauta over compact impact funding.

“We had some issues, because there were areas we saw that were weaknesses. And we wanted monies spent certain ways, and the [Insular Affairs] Office did not approve of our spending plans. And that was something that was not consistent with … how previous years the Office of Insular Affairs had authorized spending.”

“Now whether it was political or not, I’m not up to there for conjecture. But, like I say, I saw nothing improper, nothing illegal, other than I just had some criticisms on some of the decisions made on areas of their oversight and responsibility.”

Meanwhile, Congresswoman Bordallo issued a statement Friday saying its unfortunate that Babauta’s close personal friendships may have caused some to question his conduct. But she also emphasized that the IG report did not find any instances of illegal actions.