VIDEO: Governor Calvo – A Liberation Day Message to the Children of Guam


Guam –   Governor Eddie Calvo has issued a special Liberation Day message, addressed to the children of Guam.

VIEW the Governor’s Liberation Day Message to the Children of Guam HERE

HEAR the Governor’s Liberation Day Message to the Children of Guam HERE>>>7.21.14 weekly address_1-2.mp3          

 Happy Liberation Day my fellow Guamanians,

This message is for the children of Guam,
When I was a kid, I loved the Liberation season… going to the carnival and the Parade. My parents would take me and my brother and sisters. We had barbeque… we caught the candy thrown from the floats… and we waved flags and pinwheels.
The most memorable thing, though, was that we got to ask mom and dad and Grandma about the war. They lived through that war. It was hard to imagine. It almost seemed like they were telling us about another world. They were kids at the time. The Chamorro people had to carry things wherever their captors told them. They were forced to farm not only for themselves, but also for their oppressors. And they saw death all around.
They spoke of these things in the same breath they explained our patriotism. They talked about how Chamorros kept their American flags. Some of them hid American soldiers and passed on radio messages. The stories they told were like something out of a movie. But it was real. The suffering they talked about was something they went through. The heroism of the Chamorro people is something they were part of.
For you young folks, this is the same story that your grandparents and great grandparents have. Think about how lucky you are to be descendants of such great people.  They lived through a nightmare not many human beings have seen. And they overcame their struggle in a way most could not imagine.
This is the blood that runs through your veins. Always be mindful of this. Always remember that. Always be proud. Always be grateful for their sacrifice and the service of our Liberators. And always thank God for the Glory of Guam.
From their generation to ours, and from our generation to yours… we love you all. God bless, and enjoy this Liberation Day.

Happy Liberation Day my fellow Guamanians.