VIDEO: Governor Calvo Delivers Guam’s 9 Delegates to Mitt Romney on Floor of GOP Convention in Tampa


Guam – From the floor of the GOP convention in Tampa Florida, Guam Governor Eddie Calvo delivered all of the island’s 9 delegate votes for Mitt Romney.

Calvo took to the floor Tuesday afternoon in Tampa, this morning here on Guam.

Surrounded by his wife Christine, Chief Policy Advisor Arthur Clark and Special Assistant for External Affairs, Telo Taitague the Governor declared:

“Hafa Adai, Hafa Adai, Madame Secretary.  I am the Governor of Guam Eddie Calvo, and a proud Republican. From an island territory  14 time zones ahead of the east coast. We’re so far west, we’re in the far east. But we [are] where America’s Day begins.”

“From the island with the highest number of veterans and the highest enlistment rate per capita amongst all states and territories in this nation.”

[Applause. The Governor grasps his lapel and says as an a-side:] “And I’ve got my Purple Heart commemoration here too.”

“And from America’s tropical paradise in the western Pacific and America’s gateway to Asia, we’ve got a simple count. Its 9 delegates,  unanimously for the next President of the United States, Mitt Romney.”

It was New Jersey, moments later that put Romney over the top, turning Romney from the “presumptive” nominee into the official Republican nominee for President.