VIDEO: Governor Calvo Presents $834-Thousand in Checks to 15 Families Trying to Buy Their First Home


Guam – Governor Eddie Calvo presented a total of $834 thousand dollars in checks to 15 families to help them pay for home loan closing costs this morning. The funding came from grants provided via the Guam Housing Corporation.

 The fifteen families qualified for financing to either buy or build a home but they needed help with closing costs and down payments. These grants now help these families pay their closing costs or down payments thus helping them achieve their dreams of home ownership. The lowest grant given was for $4,894 dollars and the largest was for $9,266 dollars.

This brings the total number of grants given since Governor Calvo’s program started to 112.

“For all of you, you’ve done all that is necessary you’ve gotten the necessary financing you just need that little bit of help in the closing costs and that’s what it’s all about. So, I’m here to say thank you to all you folks here at GHC for a great job but most importantly we’re here for you and we’re looking forward to now you folks buying or building the home of your dreams,” said Governor Calvo.

Over a million dollars are still available to assist hundreds of Guamanians with closing costs and down payments through this program.