VIDEO: Governor Calvo Recommends Better Dialogue Between Legislature and Port on Port Master Plan


Guam – Governor Eddie Calvo says that he has not had an opportunity to see the latest version of the port master plan bill that has been amended by Senator Tom Ada but he says he takes the concerns brought up by Port General Manager Joanne Brown Seriously.

Senator Ada and Brown have been at odds over the port master plan. Senator Ada amended the master plan to give greater priority to improvements on to the F1 and Golf piers which are both used for receiving fuel shipments. He also amended the bill to require that the port give reports to the legislature on the progress they’re making with the port’s modernization.

Governor Calvo says that he cautions members of the legislature when amending master plans.


“I understand the roles of every branch of government but as you move forward in the amendment process particularly to a master plan it’s important to have a two way dialogue and it sure appears apparent to me that that did not occur,” said Governor Calvo.

The Governor says that he has yet to sit down with either Brown or Senator Ada to discuss the issue.