VIDEO: Governor Calvo Says He’ll Veto Bill 268 Soon; Confident His Hay Pay Raise Plan Will Take Effect Friday, as Planned


Guam – Governor Eddie Calvo says we can expect him to veto the legislature’s Hay plan as found in Bill 268 and he says we can fully expect the implementation of his Hay plan come February 14th which is this Friday.

 “Expect the veto soon,” said Calvo. The Governor says his office is working on compiling all of the issues they have with Bill 268 which is the legislature’s Hay implementation plan before he veto’s it. “Again we’re hopeful is that the Democratic majority can take a look at the issues and why we veto the bill and then work with us in insuring that we can get that compensation that is due to our GovGuam workers,” said Governor Calvo.


The Governor should be vetoing the bill any day now because the February 14th deadline that he has set for the implementation of his Hay plan is this Friday. This means he’ll likely veto the bill sometime this week and then implement his Hay plan on Friday. “Again with a veto of the bill and barring an overide which I doubt will occur because I’ve got the assurances by the Republican minority on that matter and barring some sort of court action then the original plan as submitted by the Department of Administration through working with the Hay group will be implemented,” said Governor Calvo.

The Governor’s plan includes raises for the Senators, the Governor and Lt. Governor, Mayors and agency heads. “If the senators are to get a pay raise and you know if they have issues with it they can do what I’ve done and what I’ve done in the past and what I intend to do now is withold from it,” said Governor Calvo.

 The legislature’s Hay plan removed raises for themselves, the Governor and Lt. Governor and GovGuam’s agency heads. Tt left raises for mayors but at a lower amount than the Governor’s plan.