VIDEO: Governor Lets Pangelinan Bill Rolling Back Some Hay Raises, Lapse Into Law; Calls the Bill “Political”


Guam – Governor Eddie Calvo says he will let bill 278 lapse into law today. The bill rolls back raises for cabinet members, the Senators, the Governor and the Lt. Governor.

Today was the last day for the Governor to act on the measure and although he’s letting it lapse into law he is disappointed and he calls the bills passage political.


“Today is the last day and I do intend to lapse the bill into law. I am disappointed but I also understand the will of the legislature. I must say I do believe it is political in nature how it was moved forward. I do believe those mayors do deserve their pay but there is also a police chief and a fire chief and a customs chief that also works 24 hours a day in very dangerous times especially when it comes to emergencies or criminal activity in Guam much as many other directors in our administration,” said Governor Calvo.

Governor Calvo says he doesn’t understand how the legislature could’ve passed bill 278 which rolls back raises for raises for some elected officials and all cabinet members but leaves the raises for mayors in place. When the bill is lapsed into law the island’s mayors will be making more than the senators and more than some directors. “I did talk to our cabinet and told them well you just have to work harder. We’ve been doing a great job, work harder and prove to those senators and prove to the people of Guam that they deserve that pay raise and we’re hopeful that as things move along the legislature will reconsider their move,” said Governor Calvo.

Governor Calvo said there are now extreme inequities in pay. He defended his Hay Pay plan saying it was developed by professionals. “You’re gonna see some inequities between some of the folks that were not granted this pay raise and autonomous agencies and you’re gonna see inequities within their own agencies as well when it comes to their classified workforce but we’re just gonna have to deal with it. We’re gonna have to work even harder and hopefully in the future in the near future we can present corrections to this mistake that has been made and allow for this Hay plan to move forward with fairness and without political interference which has just occurred with this current legislative move,” said Governor Calvo.

 The governor says that after the bill lapses the only way to fix these inequities will be through legislation. For now However, he will have to let the bill lapse into law. “When you have 11 votes, the legislature has spoken. I believe it’s an incorrect move dealing more with politics and we’re hopeful now that as things sort themselves out politics will calm down and again sometime in the future I do intend to put this forward to the legislature again,” said the Governor.

 Calvo says this rolling back of raises is not fair to positions like the fire chief the police chief and DPW director who often pull long hours and sometimes work 24 hours a day especially in the case of emergencies.