VIDEO: Governor Pleased With Nomination of Robert Work as Deputy Secretary of Defense Because He Knows Guam


Guam – Governor Eddie Calvo is elated that Robert Work has been nominated as the Deputy Secretary of Defense.

Work is very familiar with Guam and the military buildup.

He’s been to Guam several times in the past and has had a good working relationship with the Calvo administration. In fact Work was instrumental in crafting what became known as the four pillars of the Guam military buildup which was in essence a promise by the Department of Defense to support a one Guam effort, a Green Guam, 24/7 access to the ancient Pagat village, and a net negative DOD footprint.

“I’m happy. Im going to be sending formal corespondence in support of his nomination. Again I fully anticipate very good things happening with Robert Work as the number two man in the defense department,” said Governor Calvo.

The Governor says Work is not only familiar with Guam and the buildup but with the concerns that Guam residents have voiced about the buildup.