VIDEO: Governor Reorganizes Land Agencies


Guam – Governor Eddie Calvo has used his organic act authority to reorganize the three land agencies of Gov Guam. Effective October 1st the Chamorro Land Trust Commission, Ancestral Lands Commission, and the Department of Land Management will be one agency run by one director.


“We will then create a government that is a lean mean fighting machine and that will ensure that we are spending the tax payer dollars wisely and spending those dollars on badly needed services to the people of Guam,” said Governor Calvo.


This is the purpose of the governor’s reorganization plan that has begun with consolidating or combining the Chamorro Land Trust, the Ancestral Lands Commission and the Department of Land Management. On October 1st which is the beginning of the fiscal year this new land management agency will be led by Monte Mafnas the current director of the CLTC. “We’re reducing functional redundancies with the emphasis of cross training and multi-tasking so we can all work collectively and collaboratively like fingers in a hand,” said Mafnas.


This reorganization should save over a quarter of a million dollars. Some of these savings will happen from reducing man power. During the first phase of the process for this agency six positions will immediately be eliminated, namely the Deputy Director of Land Management, the Administrative Director of the Chamorro Land Trust Commission, the Administrative Director of the Ancestral Lands Commission, a private secretary position, one engineering aide position, and one land abstractor position. Other positions will be eliminated through attrition. They will also save money by reducing rental costs by consolidating all the agencies under one roof. For now they will join land management at the ITC building but eventually they will move to a permanent building in Hagatna located here in this lot that is adjacent to the Julale Shopping Center.

 “It’s coming real soon and it’s gonna be a first class government building in government land and it will be housing permanently these agencies,” said Governor Calvo.

 The administration is conducting it’s reorganization in phases so as not to cause too much concern to the general public. By the first week of October they will announce a consolidation of cultural departments. “Department of Chamorro Affairs, Hagatna restoration, Guam Musuem etc.,” said Governor’s Chief of Staff Frank Arriola.

 The administration says the rest of the cultural agencies that will fall under the second reorganization phase will be announced in October.