VIDEO: Governor’s Address To Cover Poverty, Economy, and The “New GovGuam”


Guam – Governor Eddie Calvo will deliver what his administration is calling a ground breaking address at 6:30 this evening (Tues. 1/31/12). PNC News spoke with Governor Calvo’s communications director Troy Torres about what to expect from the governor’s second state of the island address.



“The governor is going to deliver a ground breaking address that talks very candidly about the problems we have in our community and the problems that everyday Guamanians go through and offer some very solid solutions,” said Torres. The communications director says the public can expect the governor to focus on three key messages in his 2012 state of the island address. One is improved services on Guam something he is referring to as the new government of Guam.

“There have been several things that he has and several things that he’s going to do to change the culture of service in the government so that it is more responsive to people’s needs,” said Torres adding, “It’s a call out it’s a recognition that it’s not business as usual anymore the politics of the past are dead in this administration and this is a new government of Guam that the hard working men and women of gov Guam are building together.”

The governor will also talk about fighting poverty. “It’s about the state of the island and how the government’s actions affects the state of the island and the state of the island right now a lot of people are suffering through impoverished conditions and so there’s a very long talk about poverty and solutions to help people out of poverty,” said Torres.

The central part of the governor’s speech will be about building a new economy and community of the future. “The crux of the speech the crux of the address and his agenda is based in development and education and how education through education we can build the community of the future and so your gonna see and hear a lot of very interesting ideas coming from the governor tonight,” explained Torres.

Previously state of the island addresses were delivered in the morning during working hours but governor Calvo has opted to deliver the address at 6:30 in the evening when people are home. “Governor Calvo he has a lot of issues to bring up and a lot of solutions to bring forward to the community he wanted as many people as possible to be able to tune into the speech and to comment afterward to the media and through the blogs and that’s why we moved it to the evening hours where there are more people who are off of work and able to actually see the speech and so we’re very grateful to our media partners for broadcasting and simulcasting the address,” said Torres. You can listen to the broadcast live at 6:30 pm on Newstalk K57.