VIDEO: Governor’s Budget Proposal Includes a Pay-For-Performance Program for GDOE Teachers


Guam – Governor Calvo has included a Pay-for-Performance type program for teachers in his 2015 Budget proposal.

The budget for the teacher incentive program is about a half-million dollars and the aim is to improve student achievement at the island’s public schools.

The funds will be awarded to top-performing teachers, who have demonstrated their ability to prepare students for college, or a career.

Governor’s Spokesman Phil Leon Guerrero said its a chance for teachers to collaborate students and focus their attentions on learning.

“Basically, it goes hand-in-hand with the Governor’s shift to focus public schools on student achievement and student learning. Once the budget is passed into law, DOE can begin to develop this new program that will give teachers financial bonuses if their students have high achievement and higher learning. To support this program, the Governor committed half a million dollars strictly to go to teachers for these bonuses.”

Exact details on award amounts and the performance criteria for teachers, will be developed by Guam DOE, after the fiscal 2015 budget is signed into law.