VIDEO: GovGuam Launches Affordable Housing Program for Chamorro Veterans


Guam – Governor Eddie Calvo Friday announced the launching of a program that will help native Chamorro veterans attain the dream of home ownership. The program will utilize GovGuam property in Astumbo Dededo along with low interest loans to help native veterans build homes.

 GovGuam has identified land in Astumbo Dededo that it will use to help Chamorro veterans build houses.

The property is next to the Sagan Linayhan or old “dollar housing” area across the street from Astumbo elementary school.


“We hope to see a lot of veterans up here make this their home everything is here the infrastructure is here fire hydrants underground power street lights sidewalks it even makes me want to move here becauseI  don’t have anything like this in my neighborhood it’s simply making use of a place that’s been sitting here for the last twenty something years,” said Guam Housing Corporation’s Martin Benavente.

The land used to fall under the Department of Land Management’s inventory under the land for the landless program but after sitting idle for over 20 years GovGuam has found a creative use for it. Now 59 lots have been transferred to the Chamorro Land Trust Commission who together with the Guam Housing Corporation will help veterans apply for low interest loans under the Veteran’s Affairs Direct Home Loans for Native Americans Living on Trust Lands program.

 Governor Calvo walked through the area before his election and vowed to revitalize the rundown “dollar housing” area. “To walk around and see those abandoned hulks where there was nothing but rodents being bred and some drug deals taking place then to walk into a home and see a family where there is a water hose from another house that is being used for them so they can have running water and an extension cord from another home so they could have power, that that hit me hit me hard,” said Governor Calvo.

 Since then he has been able to refurbish ten homes in the area and now is looking forward to helping veterans build new homes in this same area. “I’ve seen too many people that they don’t even have a building to live in and the house they have is there in that jungle and the walls they have is tangantangan and the bed they have is cardboard and some of them is veterans some of them is veterans that’s why we’re here today,” said Governor Calvo.

 Chamorro veterans are encouraged to go to the Guam Housing Corporation in the ITC building to apply for the program where they could be made eligible for home loans with interest rates as low as 3.5 percent.