VIDEO: GovGuam Officials File Required Financial Disclosure Statements With Guam Election Commission


Guam – Public Officials have all filed their required financial disclosure forms with the Guam Election Commission. The GEC is the repository for all of these documents and today PNC took a look at the gross total assets of Guam’s elected officials.

All public officials who are required to file their financial disclosure statements have now done so at the Guam Election Commission. “So there’s a total of over 300. Of the 300, 59 had filed for extensions on their financial disclosure statements,” said GEC Executive Director Maria Pangelinan, “everybody turned it in and now it’s available for the public to review.”

 PNC reviewed the financial disclosure statements of Guam’s Governor, Lt. Governor, the 15 senators, the Public Auditor, the Attorney General and the top two directors in terms of total gross assets. Governor Eddie Calvo’s total gross assets were listed as $1.5 million while Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio’s was listed as $1.1 million

 As for the legislature the top five senators were Mike Limtiaco at $1.6 million, Tom Ada at $1.2 million, Tommy Morrison at $836 thousand, Judi Won Pat $780 thousand and Tina Muna Barnes at $776 thousand.

 The middle five in terms of total gross assets in the legislature are Mike San Nicolas at $749 thousand, Ben Pangelinan at $677 thousand, Brant McCreadie at $634 thousand, B.J. Cruz at $617 thousand, and Rory Respicio at $571 thousand.


The bottom five are Frank Aguon Jr. at $509 thousand, Chris Duenas at $222 thousand, Tony Ada at $204 thousand, Aline Yamashita at $36 thousand, and rounding out the bottom five in terms of total gross assets is Dennis Rodriguez Jr. at $35 thousand.

 We also looked at the Public Auditor and the Attorney General both elected positions. Doris Flores Brooks has $2 million in total gross assets and Attorney General Lenny Rapadas has $182 thousand.

 We even took a look at the directors but chose only to list the top two directors in terms of total gross assets. DOA Director Benita Manglona has $3.2 million while Dept. of Agriculture Director Mariquita Taitague has $2.4 million

 The GEC is meeting this evening and pangelinan says they will discuss the procurement of tabulation services as well as the financial disclosure statements.