VIDEO: GPA Forum Focuses on 8 Year Plan to Reduce Costs by 25%


Guam – Hundreds of professionals and experts on energy gathered this morning at a forum to discuss the Guam Power Authority’s plan for the future.

The forum is the first in a series of events to attract stakeholders interested in learning how GPA is planning to address compliance with US EPA requirements, fuel diversification and the future energy needs. 

Consolidated Commission on Utilities Chaiperson Simon Sanchez said the goal is to move away from oil based generation and moving on to something cleaner, lower costing and more reliable. He said the latest plan to bring the chance would reduce costs by 25% but would take about 8 years to implement. 

Sanchez said, “The plan is something between $600 to $800 million to convert to liquid natural gas over the next 8 years, to put in more efficient generators and retire our older less efficient generators, and to bring on more solar energy. In the next 8 years, we think we can do this. That’s why we’re bringing in some experts to make sure what we think is correct. That we’re doing the right things for the right reasons in the right way.”

GPA believes the conversion will create a new industry for the island and will create more than $1 billion in overall economic impact. For more information, visit