VIDEO: GPD Arrests Woman for Squirting “Pepper Spray” Beside Air Duct, Sickening 16 at Agana Shopping Center Tuesday Night


Guam – A 31 year old Sinajana woman is being accused of squirting pepper spray next to a ventilator inside the Docomo store at the Agana Shopping Center that sickened 16 people Tuesday night.

GPD arrested Malissa Jean Reyes Wednesday afternoon on 2 counts of Terroristic Conduct and 5 counts of assault. She has been booked and confined.

Police Spokesman Officer A.J. Balajadia says that detectives confiscated a small device that “sprays out  pepper spray.” 

READ the Magistrate’s report HERE  

Officer Balajadia says that video surveillance footage reviewed by police showed a woman standing in line at the Docomo store and fumbling with an object at her waist.

The woman “raised the unknown object” into the air, “leaned back and a mist was released from the object,” reports Balajadia.

A few minutes later, customers and employees are seen coughing and exiting.

The woman, later identified as Reyes, was then seen laughing and slowly walking out of the store.  

READ the release from Officer Balajadia below:


8/14/13 at 1:17pm, officers from the Hagatna Precinct entertained a complaint from Docomo Pacific. Officers took a Terroristic Conduct complaint in reference to the incident on 8/13/13 where the Agana Shopping Center was evacuated and 16 people were reported as ill and or suffering from respiratory distress.  

Video surveillance footage of the Docomo Outlet in Agana Shopping center revealed a female individual standing in line fumbling with an object around her waist area.  The female raised the unknown object leaned back and a mist was released from the object.  After a few minutes, customers and employees are seen coughing and exiting the store, while the female laughed and slowly walked out standing by the entrance to Docomo.  

Arrested: Melissa Jean Reyes F-Gua-5/13/1982/Sinajana, for Terroristic Conduct Aggravated Assault (2 counts) and Assault (5 counts)

She was booked and confined.