VIDEO: GPD Gets the Keys to 8 New Patrol Cars


Guam  – Just 2 days after the loss of one patrol car,  the Guam Police Department took possession of 8 new patrol cars today.

The new vehicles raise the number of working patrol cars to 18.

GPD Lt. Mike Archangel said the Department needs 24 to ensure adequate patrols 24-7 at all the island’s police precincts.*

However Police Chief Fred Bordallo said that before the year is out, GPD will be getting 4 additional patrol cars, 8 SUV’s and 4 more motorcycles to beef up their patrol capabilities.

In addition to the new patrol cars, Governor Calvo said 18 new police officers will be added to the force this month

Funding for the new vehicles came from a $350-thousand dollar grant from the Department of Interior. The cost of hiring the new police Officer comes from Federal Funding, the Tourist Attraction Fund, and the General Fund.

*NOTE: [ The Governor’s release below refers to a current total of 19 vehicles for patrol and traffic enforcement, that includes motorcycles, pickups and SUVS currently used by GPD]

READ the release from the Governor’s Office below:

“Police officers are responsible for protecting our families. They are constantly in the line of danger—chasing criminals, keeping our roads safe, and preventing crime before it happens. It’s harder to do their jobs when they don’t have the equipment they need. It was our priority to find alternative ways to hire more personnel, and get them this equipment. Your safety is important to us, so we did something about it. With these new vehicles in our neighborhoods, our families and our homes are safer.” – Governor Eddie Baza Calvo

GPD gets vehicles through DOI funding
The Guam Police Department unveiled eight new 2014 Ford Police Interceptors this morning at Adelup. These new vehicles were prioritized in Governor Calvo’s fiscal year 2013 request for Compact Impact Funding.

Police vehicles to be used at the precincts
Right now, the precincts have a total of 19 vehicles for patrol and traffic enforcement. The eight vehicles will be divided amongst the precincts, bringing the total count to 27 police vehicles to be used in our villages. With the addition of these vehicles, precinct officers will be able to increase neighborhood patrols,  respond to emergencies, and enforce traffic laws within their districts.

GPD will soon have more police officers
GPD is currently training eight full time police cadets and are in the process of hiring more. These officers are being hired through federal funding, the Tourist Attraction Fund, and the general fund. At the end of the month, GPD expects 28 police reserve recruits to graduate from the 16th Civilian Police Reserve Training Cycle.