VIDEO: GPD to Get $350K in Compact Funds to Buy New Patrol Cars


Guam- $350,000 dollars is being allocated to the Guam Police Department (GPD) to purchase more vehicles and help keep the public safe.

Lt. Governor Ray Tenorio made the announcement Friday afternoon that the money will come from Compact Impact funds approved by the Department of Interior (DOI) . 

With only 10 functioning patrol cars for the island’s 4 precincts, Tenorio says the legislature’s inability to appropriate to levels of mandates is a continuing problem.

As the head of public safety, the Lt. Governor says the Executive Branch will be focused on invigorating GPD’s equipment over the next two years, just like they did with the fire department. He also says they will have to re-evaluate the vehicles needed to be purchased to ensure GPD’s fleet can be adequately maintained.

“At the first stage of our administration, we said let’s get this ambulance problem fixed permanently and we did that” said Tenorio. “Now it’s time for us to fix, and once we get to the police department, hopefully within the next two years, we’ll have a point where we’ll maintain a fleet of vehicles in both the police and fire department, which are the two public safety agencies, and maintain that fleet with an infusion of money into those areas, consistently maintaining those numbers.”

Depending on the procurement process, the Lt. Governor hopes new patrol cars can be on Guam in the next six months.

Police Captain Paul Suba told PNC Thursday that GPD needs a minimum of 32 patrol cars to keep the community safe throughout their 4 precincts.

In the meantime, Tenorio believes the strategic shifting of key resources and GPD’s current fleet of vehicles and scooters will have to occur to beef up police presence on the island’s roads.

In addition to $350,000, DOI has approved $2.52 million to update and operate the island wide public safety communications system.