VIDEO: GRRP Gets Another Chance to Correct Its Permit Application


Guam- The Guam Environmental Protection Agency has rescinded its decision to deny the landfill permit application of the Guam Resource Recovery Partners (GRRP).

While Guam EPA won’t give the reasons why it back tracked on its decision, GRRP now has 120 days to correct deficiencies within the application.

August 9, 2012 was the date when the Guam EPA denied the GRRP permit application to open the Guatali Landfill in Atantano, Santa Rita.

In response, GRRP filed an appeal with the Guam EPA Board and they have been in the midst of conducting the appeal hearing process. Guam EPA then issued a letter to GRRP yesterday [Wednesday] stating it has rescinded its decision.

GRRP Spokesman Dave Sablan says they met with Administrator Eric Palacios last month to work everything out. When PNC asked why did it take so long for this happen, Sablan explains the appeal process was just too long.

With Guam EPA’s denial now revoked, Sablan says it pushes the clock back to last August and gives them 120 days to correct deficiencies within their application. He mentions this is more than enough time to address Palacios’ concerns with financial assurances, leachate control and differences with their Chamorro Land Trust lease and post closure plans. He notes once the landfill opens, then their 25 year lease period begins.

However, Santa Rita Resident Ken Leon Guerrero believes even though the denial was revoked, GRRP’s ability to produce credibility and credible documents for the landfill permit application comes up short.

Leon Guerrero has raised opposition against GRRP’s landfill and incinerator plans since 2007. He says what’s happening now raises even more questions. He also argues GRRP’s plans to buy the Layon Landfill are not viable. He says he still has confidence in Guam EPA’s decision making abilities, but notes GRRP has found an administrative loophole in this process.

Meanwhile, Sablan is hoping to get the landfill permit application approved by summer time. He asserts there are no more hearings to go through and the focus now is on cleaning up the remaining deficiencies.

Read Guam EPA’s Release on Letter to GRRP

Guam – The Guam Environmental Protection Agency (Guam EPA) today issued a letter to Guam Resource Recovery Partners (GRRP) regarding their permit application for the Guatali Municipal Solid Waste Landfill (MSWL). The letter states that the permit denial issued to GRRP on August 9, 2012, has been rescinded. GRRP has been given 120 days to address deficiencies within their permit application.

After continued review of the permit application, and requirements required by Guam law and Guam Solid Waste Rules and Regulations, Guam EPA concluded GRRP would be given time to rectify the identified deficiencies in their permit application.

“The permitting process is a long, technical and very complicated process, and it is incumbent upon the agency to ensure that all applicants are afforded a fair and equitable application review process. This permit application will continue through this process with our Solid Waste Management Team. They will continue to review the application diligently and ensure areas of concern, including financial assurance, post-closure care and management of leachate, are suitably addressed” said Guam EPA Administrator Eric Palacios.

By local law, a MSWL permit application must undergo extensive review, at least one commenting period, a draft permit review process and if a draft permit is issued, the permitted entity must meet a series of requirements before operating a facility. For example, a MSWL draft permit would outline the various studies, information and plans that are required before a facility can begin operation.

A full copy of Guam EPA’s official responses to the public comments submitted in 2011 can be found at or by emailing