VIDEO: GRRP’s David Sablan Says Revised Waste to Energy Contract “Spells Relief From Receiver”


Guam – Guam Resource Recovery Spokesman David Sablan is defending the recently revised contract negotiated with GEDA for a waste to energy plant in Santa Rita.

Sablan says this new contract “spells relief …  from the high cost of service being charged by the federally-appointed, but Guam-subsidized receiver”, GBB. He blames the receiver for running up excessive costs for solid waste disposal on Guam.

On the K-57 Breakfast Show this morning, Sablan called GBB’s Principal Associate David Manning a “carpet bagger” who should just close the Ordot dump and “go home”.

Sablan accused Manning of attempting to block the contract by submitting a special report to the District Court attacking GRRP’s plan.  He called that report “ full of half-truths meant to mislead the public”.  

READ GBB’s latest “Special Report” HERE

He said GRRP’s plan will produce electricity which can be sold to GPA and reduce the cost of solid waste disposal and do so in an environmentally clean manner.

The contract has not been signed by the Governor or approved by the Legislature.

READ the GRRP statement below

Guam Resource Recovery Partners
March 27, 2014
Press Release

GRRP Waste-To-Energy Contract With GovGuam Spells Relief From Receiver

Relief from the high cost of service being charged by the federally-appointed but Guam-subsidized receiver for disposal of solid waste generated by the people of Guam, is near reality. A waste-to-energy contract which will take solid waste and burn it to produce electricity, which can then be sold to reduce the cost of the solid waste disposal service is now before the legislature for their review. After the legislative review and consent, it moves to the governor and the attorney general for their signature. The contract is between Guam Resource Recovery Partners and the government of Guam. The Guam Economic Development Authority negotiated the contract on behalf of the government of Guam.

However, the receiver in an attempt to block the contract submitted a special report to the District Court attacking GRRP’s plan to develop a sustainable waste-to-energy solution for Guam’s current solid waste management crisis. “The report is full of half-truths meant to mislead the public”, according to Dave Sablan, GRRP’s project coordinator. Sablan questioned the motives of the Receiver in attacking GRRP’s waste-to-energy project, a US-EPA approved way to manage solid waste, reducing the volume of solid waste by 90%, thus extending the life of a landfill by 8-10 times longer. “Why is David Manning saying GRRP’s waste-to-energy plan is not good for Guam, when his own company, Gershman, Brickner & Bratton, promotes incineration and waste-to-energy facilities in the US Mainland? Manning is being hypocritical,” says Sablan. “We are an island, and we cannot continue to build landfills every 8 years, which is all the receiver wants to do, for how much longer? He has already been with us for about 6 years, and has cost us millions of dollars in his fees alone,” said Sablan.

Sablan further added, “ David Manning does not even live on Guam. I don’t believe he even cares how much he is charging us for the service he is providing, yet he makes over $200,000 a month for his services. Because if he was concerned, he would stay on Guam, instead of just coming in every few months to report to the Court, on things his local staff actually does here in Guam. The epitome of a carpet-bagger.”

“The waste-to-energy facility will burn solid waste in a controlled furnace, and at the same time produce electricity. The facility is basically substituting garbage for oil as it fuel source to produce electricity, just as the power plants as Cabras Island do, but only cleaner,” according to Sablan. “In fact, the burning of solid waste in a controlled waste-to-energy plant is far cleaner with its emissions than fuel oil used in the power plants owned by GPA. In fact, it is second to cleanliness behind natural gas,” Sablan added.

“Many of our citizens have been wanting relief from this high cost for solid waste disposal. They have approached me at church, parties, restaurants—almost everywhere I go, asking when the waste-to-energy plant will be constructed. They believe in the project and GRRP has been very open in talking about the project, the environmental impact, and the cost for the service to dispose of solid waste, but at the same time produce electricity to sell, reducing the cost of disposal service overall,” Sablan said.

“It is time for the Receiver to concentrate only on closing the Ordot Dump, and not worry about any other service of solid waste management on Guam. The Solid Waste Management Authority should take over the operation of Layon, and the collection of trash. And when the waste-to-energy plant is constructed, GRRP will work with the Solid Waste Management Authority to dispose of the solid waste in the waste-to-energy facility, to be built in a few years once the contract is approved, at a much more economical cost to the people of Guam,” asserted Sablan.

GRRP will be submitting a formal rebuttal to David Manning’s special report to the District Court within ten days.