VIDEO: Guahan Coalition, UOG Chamorro Studies, Our Islands Are Sacred & We Are Guahan Encourage Residents to Comment on Buildup


Guam – The last day to submit comments on the Supplemental Environmental Impact Statement for the military buildup is on July 2nd which is next week Wednesday. Meanwhile this week members of the Guahan Coalition for peace and justice, the University of Guam Chamorro studies program, our islands are sacred, and We Are Guahan presented findings from the DSEIS at a forum held at UOG on Wednesday.



 “What we wanted to do was give out information from our readings of the SEIS and encourage the audience to write comments so at the event we had presentations from four panelists on the impacts of the revised military buildup plans on the economy and jobs social issues the environment cultural sites and then of course the details about the firing range,”

Leon Guerrero who represents the group called our islands are sacred, spoke about some of the information she found in the Draft SEIS for the military buildup. “Some of the things that I read in the SEIS expressed that of course the buildup in particular would basically lead to an economic divide in which the rich would get richer and the poor could get poorer. So several instances in the SEIS it says that poverty will increase and people who are already living along the poverty line can be pushed into serious poverty or even homelessness,” said Leon Guerrero

 Cara Flores Mays says the group We Are Guahan spoke about the proposed firing range complex and the economy and jobs. She says a lot of people were concerned about how DOD would help pay for impacts to the island. “I think that one of the misconceptions is that there has been funding committed when there hasn’t there’s actually zero dollars in impact funding committed,” said Mays.

 “What we really wanted to do was show people that yes the buildup has been scaled down but there are still very serious concerns about how it will impact our environment and our way of life and so we wanted to give people direct quotations on the buildup direct quotations from our agency experts who read the SEIS and really encourage people to ask these questions and to encourage them to write comments that express what we would need to handle this population increase,” said Leon Guerrero

 The last day to submit comments on the Draft SEIS is on July 2nd which is next week Wednesday.