VIDEO: Guam and CNMI Voice Concerns Over Proposal to Reduce Shark Population in the Marianas


Guam – Guam and the CNMI had a chance to voice their concerns on WESPAC’s proposed regional plan to reduce shark biomass at the Western Pacific Regional Fishery Management Council Meeting.

Island leaders including Vice Speaker BJ Cruz are concerned with the federal recommendation made by WESPAC in October that proposes a shark fishery and indirect methods of decreasing sharks in the Marianas.

The possible implementation conflicts the public law that bands shark finning on Guam and would cause an overturn. 

Vice Speaker BJ Cruz said in WESPAC’s 60 years in existence, he doesn’t understand the rationale behind the proposal. He said, “I’m hoping that they come to realization that there never was nor will be a shark finning industry in the Marianas or Micronesia…that we should do what the Huffington Post stated that we should protect our Marine environment to make it the intriguing and interesting dive sites that they are and to make sure we protect this potential billion dollar industry for us.”

Cruz adds that he will be keeping an eye on the progress of the proposal and if needed, will hire an attorney to protect the current statute.