VIDEO: Guam-Bound United Plane Diverted to Midway Atoll Thursday; “There Was Something Burning … the Plane Dropped”


Guam – A Guam bound United Airlines flight from Honolulu was forced to divert to the remote island of Midway on Thursday.

In response to a request from PNC News, United Corporate Communications issued the following statement:

“United flight 201 from Honolulu to Guam diverted to Midway Island Thursday due to a mechanical issue. We sent another aircraft to Midway Island to fly our customers back to Honolulu and we are accommodating them to their final destinations. We regret any inconvenience experienced by our customers.”

KITV, the ABC affiliate in Honolulu, report that it was 5 hours into the flight when passengers reported a “burning smell” aboard the aircraft and the plane suddenly lost altitude.

VIEW the KITV report HERE

The Boeing 777 landed safely on Midway Island. There were no injuries.

KITV reports that the 335 passengers and 13 crew members spent about 7 hours on Midway waiting for United to send a replacement plane to pick them up and bring them back to Hawaii where they landed at 6:42am Friday.

Once back in Hawaii, the passengers were placed on a special flight to Guam on Friday afternoon at 2:35pm. According to, that flight, UAL 2015, arrived on Guam about 5:53pm Saturday.

The United plane that experienced a “mechanical issue” remains on Midway.  


[United Flight 201 on Midway Friday; photo courtesy KITV]

Midway is a 2.4-square-mile atoll at the northwestern end of the Hawaiian archipelago about “midway” between the west coast of the U.S. and Japan. 
It is an unorganized, unincorporated territory of the United States, and the former home of the Midway Naval Air Station. It is now part of  the U.S. Remote Islands National Wildlife Refuge.