VIDEO: Guam Council on Child Death Review and Prevention in the Works


Guam – A Guam Council on Child Death Review and Prevention is in the works as government and public officials attended the Child Death Review Training held this morning at the Pacific Star Resort and Spa.

According to a Guam public law signed May of last year, a Guam Council on Child Death Review and Prevention needs to be established. 

National Center for Child Death Review Teri Covington said the goal is to identify risk factors leading to the deaths and how they can make a recommendation to prevent deaths.

Covington said, “One of the biggest things in Guam is that you guys have a big infant mortality rate. We’re going to be reviewing all those infant deaths. There’s about 45 deaths a year. They’ll start looking at them to check what were the risk factors, who’s most at risk, what populations are at risk, what are the factors related to why more babies die here and why babies are born with a low birth weight and premature. Those are some of the risk factors and fatalities. They’ll use those information to lower the infant death rate in Guam.”

EMS Operations Commander Daren Burner said the problem he’s encountered before is the gap of unanswered questions between agencies and organizations. He believes the training is constructive and can make an islandwide change. Burner said, “It’s really constructive because before this meeting we didn’t really understand the gaps we had, the unanswered questions and the possibility of correcting the system to make it better for people caring for their children to prevent their mortality. We haven’t got anything concrete yet as far as rates and what can be prevented but there is a better way now to communicate and develop policies and laws in order to improve things.”

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