VIDEO: Guam EPA and Agat Mayor Caution Residents to Stay Clear of Rotting Whale Carcass


Guam – The carcass of a 38-foot Baleen Whale was first found on Saturday morning in Agat by nearby resident Chris Mallada.


Mallada explains finding the dead whale, “I went down to the beach, and saw what looked like a capsized boat. But it ended up being a dead whale. I told my aunt who later told me to call the Department of Agriculture.”

Department of Agriculture (DOA) has stressed residents to avoid visiting the dead whale for health reasons. Residents are especially advised against touching the whale and against swimming and fishing in waters around the whale.

Deputy Director of the Department of Agriculture, Matt Sablan, explains the precautions, “The Whale is on private property. In addition, the residents with respiratory issues may have a reaction to the stench from the rotting whale.”

Agat Mayor, Carol Tayama, has already heard one report of an Agat resident with cancer who has begun throwing up due to the stench of the dead whale. She added that the stench will become progressively worse as the whale decomposes.

Guam DOA, Guam Environmental Protection Agency and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration have begun discussing three strategies to remove the whale carcass: The first option is to drag the whale into deep ocean and let it sink, the second option is to bury the whale on the beach, and the third option is to neglect the whale and relocate the Mallada and his relatives away from their homes.

Tests results on the cause of the whale’s death and beaching will come out water this week.