VIDEO: Guam EPA Concerned About the Need for and Cost of New Cells at Layon


Guam – Guam EPA Director Eric Palacios is concerned that the two-cells at the new Layon landfill maybe filled-up by 2020.

In its latest quarterly report the Federal receiver, GBB, said that at the current pace,  cells one and two will be filled-up with trash within the next 6-years and GovGuam will have to start building another cell soon.

Palacios says the Administration is concerned because the construction of new cells will require additional funding that has not yet been identified.

In related news, Palacios said that Guam EPA continues to evaluate GRRP’s  proposed waste-to-energy project in Atentano. He said that a final decision on whether or not that project will be allowed to proceed should be reached before the end of the year.