VIDEO: Guam EPA Invites Residents to Participate in Earth Day TUESDAY


Guam – It’s Earth Day tomorrow and the Guam Environmental Protection Agency invites you to take part by devoting “One Hour for One Earth”.

For one hour tomorrow, all agencies, organizations, groups and families are encouraged to take part in something that helps the planet in some way as part of Earth Day 2014.

Guam EPA Administrator Eric Palacios said this is the time for the community to come together and pitch in to achieve one huge goal, which is ultimately to help our environment.

Palacios said, “Really anything they want to do for one hour, whether it’s picking up trash in their side road, backyards, getting rid of green waste, walking on the shore picking up shards of glass, anything you want to do for one hour because every little thing counts.”

Guam EPA will be having a clean up at Sella Bay Overlook tomorrow starting at 9 AM and invites the public to join in. For the list of scheduled events for Earth Day 2014, visit Guam EPA on Facebook.