VIDEO: Guam EPA Lifts Boil Water Notice for Mangilao, Except GCC; Barrigada ­­Still Under Boil Water Notice


Guam – Guam EPA today lifted its “Boiled Water” notice for Mangilao,  with the exception of the Guam Community College campus. The boil water notice remains in effect for Barrigada.


A statement from Guam EPA says they’re working with GCC and GWA to mitigate the contamination at GCC.

These latest tests were done jointly by both GWA and Guam EPA on Monday. Both agencies went out together to the same locations to take samples.

Since last Friday, when GEPA first issued its “Boil Water” notice,  both agencies have been at odds over the quality of water in the 2 villages.

GEPA says they found E Coli and Total Coliform bacteria in samples taken from both villages. GWA has insisted the water in those villages is not contaminated and remains safe to drink.

Despite the sharp disagreement,  acting GWA Director Tom Cruz says Guam EPA is calling the shots and they’ll abide by GEPA’s findings.

GEPA says samples taken Monday in Barrigada again tested positive for Total Coliform. However no more E Coli was found.

If  Tuesday’s tests come back negative Wednesday, then the “Boil Water” notice will be lifted. GEPA needs 2 days of negative results before lifting the notice.

READ the release from Guam EPA below:

Tuesday, Aug. 5, 2014 – The Guam Environmental Protection Agency (Guam EPA) today lifted the Boil Water Notice (BWN) for all of Mangilao except the Guam Community College campus.

Guam EPA is working with GCC and Guam Waterworks Authority personnel to mitigate the contamination. This is a priority for both Guam EPA and GWA, and it will remain so until the ‘all clear’ is declared.

The BWN remains in effect for Barrigada at this time. Samples taken yesterday in Barrigada again tested positive for total coliform.

Guam EPA and GWA technical personnel jointly collected samples from the same points yesterday. The agencies will continue to work together to clear Barrigada of the BWN as expeditiously as possible.

“Guam EPA’s priority is the protection of public safety, public health and the environment. We want everyone in Guam to have as much information as possible about keeping their family safe and healthy,” Guam EPA Administrator Eric M. Palacios said.

“GWA concurs with Guam EPA’s findings and we support the holding of the boil water notices. We will continue to collaborate with Guam EPA to achieve total resolution,” GWA acting General Manager Tom Cruz said.

“We thank Mayor Nito Blas, Mayor June Blas and Vice Mayor Jessie Bautista for keeping their constituents informed throughout this process. Guam Department of Education Deputy Superintendent Rob Malay and his team are to be commended for their proactive efforts. We also want to thank the Department of Public Health and Social Services for putting public safety at the forefront. Lastly, I personally want to thank Tom Cruz, the acting general manager of GWA, for his partnership and commitment to moving forward together,” Palacios added.

For more information about the advisory or to arrange an interview contact Guam EPA’s Public Information Officer Tammy Jo Anderson Taft at 300-4761, 988-7582 or email at